Singapore Citizenship Journey

Singapore Citizenship Journey (SCJ)

The Singapore Citizenship Journey (SCJ) helps enrich new citizens’ understanding of the key milestones in Singapore’s history and development and deepen their appreciation of Singaporean norms and values, as well as provide opportunities for meaningful interaction with their local community. It consists of both online elements as well as experiential learning programmes, and culminates in a citizenship ceremony to officially welcome new citizens as full-fledged members of the Singaporean family.

The SCJ is a collaboration between the National Integration Council (NIC), the People’s Association (PA) and the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).  It is a mandatory programme for new citizens who have been granted in-principle approval for Singapore citizenship. They have up to two months to complete the three components of the SCJ before they can complete citizenship formalities and receive their pink National Registration Identity Cards (NRICs) and citizenship certificates. 

The SCJ components are:

1. Singapore Citizenship e-Journey

This is an online journey that allows new citizens to learn about Singapore at their own pace andconvenience. It includes information on our history and development as a country, key national policies, Total Defence, as well as our efforts in building a cohesive and harmonious society.

2. Singapore Experiential Tour

This half-day tour brings new citizens to key historical landmarks and national institutions where they learn about our history and how we overcome national challenges in the different domains of urban planning, transport, water resources, as well as security and defence.

3. Community Sharing Session

This is an event where new citizens are engaged by their community. During the session, new citizens reflect on their journey towards citizenship, share their hopes and aspirations for Singapore, meet other new citizens, and learn how they can actively participate in the community. Grassroots leaders and Integration & Naturalisation Champions (INCs) from the People’s Association will also share their experiences living in a multi-racial and multi-religious society, and provide valuable information to help new citizens better settle into their community. 

Citizenship Ceremonies

GRC-Level Citizenship Ceremonies

The GRC-level Citizenship Ceremonies (GCCs) are organised by the People’s Association and conducted at the GRC level on a quarterly basis. Organised at the local community level, the GCCs allow community and grassroots leaders to formally welcome new citizens to their new home. New citizens will receive their pink NRICs and citizenship certificates from the Guest-of-Honour, usually one of the Advisers in the GRC, as well as recite the pledge and sing the national anthem with fellow citizens.  Other activities, showcasing Singapore’s rich culture and opportunities for community involvement and volunteerism, may also be featured.   

National Citizenship Ceremony

Every year, the National Citizenship Ceremony (NCC) is held after National Day to ride on the celebrations to mark the significance and privilege of citizenship. First organised in 2007, the NCC provides a national platform where new citizens receive their pink NRICs and citizenship certificates, and where they can commit themselves to a shared future with fellow Singaporeans. The NCC is organised by the NIC, with the support of the People’s Association.

The NCC honours are rotated among the GRCs every year. Most GCCs in the third quarter are also synchronised on the same weekend as the NCC to further increase the significance of the occasion. While the quarterly GCCs celebrate the significance and privilege of citizenship at a local community level, the annual NCC highlights the message at the national level.

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